Play regulations

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1 Permission to play
All active members who have paid their contribution fees are eligible to play. Teenagers and children have the same playing rights as adults. Team tennis games, events of the club and training have priority.

2 Membership card
Each member receives a round chip as a membership card. It should be hung before the start of the game under the clock belonging to the relevant court. These clocks are only used when every court is occupied and members are waiting. After an hour of playing a tennis game + court maintenance the court should be changed.

3 Court maintenance
• The courts may only be entered in tennis shoes.
• Players must ensure that the courts are sufficiently watered before and after the match. This can be done by using the handheld showerheads in place or by setting the switch and clock on the white box on the fence in front of the 5th court. The clocks will break when one tries to turn them back. To stop irrigation prematurely, use the switches above the clock.
• After each game, the court should be smoothed with a wooden scraper and net. The lines should not be cleaned in order to keep them fixed to the ground.
• All players, and especially the coaches, are asked to use courts 4 and 5 in order to make them hard and keep them free of weeds.
• In the first few weeks after the start of the season, the courses are still soft and require careful play and special care.

4 Ball machine
• There is a ball machine in the small tin hut on court 5. The key hangs in the tennis hut.
• The ball machine may only be used in accordance with the instructions, as it must be learned how to adjust it and how to react to any problems. For this, the coaches and the two youth carer can be addressed.

5 Coach lessons
Trainer lessons may only be given by coaches approved by the board. As far as necessary, the courts and their respective usage timetables are determined for this purpose.


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