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§ 1 Name and domicile of the club

The club was founded on 10.12.1974, is called “Römer Tennisclub Rot-Weiß Wixhausen e.V.” and is located in Darmstadt, district Wixhausen, Im Appensee 26A. The club is registered at court.

§ 2 Purpose

  1. The objectives and purposes of the tennis club are directly and exclusively beneficial to the community and thus enjoy tax privileges in accordance with German tax law.
  2. The club enables its members to play tennis and promotes friendly fellowship.

§ 3 Membership

  1. All persons that are willing to support the objectives of the club and accept the statute without reservation may become regular members of the tennis club.
  2. A membership application in writing is necessary.
  3. The membership starts when the future member has received the membership card and is also subject to the payment of the first year’s membership fee.
  4. Adolescents must also present a written consent of their legal representative.
  5. A passive membership can be accorded on the basis of a written application. It must be submitted at least one month before the beginning of the following year.

§ 4 Termination of Membership

  1. Membership ends by a notice in writing to the end of a current year. An earlier withdrawal can be accepted in special situations by the members of the managing committee of the club.
  2. Membership ends by death.

§ 5 Members Rights

  1. All Members have the right to participate in the member’s annual assembly. They may propose motions and have the right to vote. They can also be elected.
  2. All members except passive members have the right to use all installations of the club and must observe all the regulations of the club.
  3. These rights rest when a member delays payment of membership fees.
  4. In accordance with tax regulations avocational activities for the club can be remunerated tax-free. The remuneration level must be appropriate.

§ 6 Members Duties

  1. Members are obliged to support the club, to follow the regulations and to punctually pay the membership fee. The installations of the club must be used with care.
  2. Offences may be punished by the managing committee.
  3. The membership fee and the time each member has to spend for the maintenance of the installation are laid down by the managing committee of the club and confirmed by the meeting of all members.

§ 7 Managing Committee

  1. The managing committee may be composed of the first chairman /chairwoman, deputy chairman/chairwoman, the sports manager, the cashier and the secretary.
  2. The annual general meeting of all members elects the whole managing committee for a period of 2 years. It stays in duty until a new management committee has been elected. Reelection is possible.
  3. The management committee leads the club in accordance with this statute. The resources of the club have to be used economically and according to the intentions of the club.

§ 8 Meeting of all Members

  1. The general meeting of all members has to be held annually during the first quarter of the year. The summoning takes place by mail or letter at least 10 days before the general meeting.
  2. Extraordinary meetings have to be summoned when at least one quarter of the members demand a meeting.
  3. Each member has one vote.
  4. Resolutions are concluded via a simple majority of the attending members. The first chairman gives the casting vote. A majority of two thirds of the members attending a meeting is required for passing a motion to change the statute
  5. The meeting has to be documented in the minutes.
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